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No.10 Downing Street wins sustainable building award

No.10 Downing Street


The home of the British Prime Minister is one of seventeen winners of this year’s BRE Environmental Assessment Method’s In-Use Award. The scheme is designed … Read more »

Upcycle Furniture – 5 ways to give old furnit ...

modern upcycled furniture


Aside from using a renewable energy source like solar PV or solar thermal to power or heat your home, there are many aspects of life … Read more »

Sustainable Housing – Is Green building going ...

sustainable housing


A recent exhibition at London’s Docklands, showing green technologies and sustainable construction projects, attracted a huge number of visitors. Over 800 companies exhibited at Ecobuild … Read more »

Volkswagen XL1 diesel-electric hybrid – The f ...

Volkswagen XL1 diesel-electric hybrid car


As we strive to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and reduce their carbon footprint, it’s natural that our attention should also turn to … Read more »

Ecotourism – 5 Great Eco Holidays To Choose From

eco tourism


Tourism hasn’t always had a positive impact on areas of natural beauty. It has been known for the wildlife and native population of a tourist … Read more »

Top 3 Reasons Your Community Wants You to Use Solar ...



Solar energy is a great form of renewable energy that can satisfy the energetic needs of your home and bring positive change to your community. … Read more »

Rising Energy Bills: Can You Afford to Keep Warm?

Home Thermostat


The idea of coming back to a warm home at the end of a long day cold day is something we all look forward too. … Read more »

Triple Glazing – is it Worth Upgrading?



Most of us are familiar with double glazing and know it is more energy efficient to have two panes of glass in our windows than … Read more »

Improving Home Efficiency – Code for Sustaina ...

sustainable home


Have you heard of Code for Sustainable Homes yet? If you haven’t, this could all change in the near future, as 2013 sees more developments … Read more »

Feed in Tariff

Feed in Tariff Feed in Tariffs were introduced by UK Government in 2010. The scheme compels energy suppliers to pay you for the electricity you produce via PV solar panels - and sees you paid extra for any electricity you export back to the grid.

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