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The Green Deal: Are Interest Rates Too High?

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The government’s Green Deal scheme has been created to enable people to make their homes more energy efficient. The idea is the money for the … Read more »

The Benefits Of Solar Panel Energy & Solar Wat ...

solar panels on house


Every day sees a sunrise, and it’s possible for homeowners to benefit from this. When people install a solar energy system, they usually opt for … Read more »

What the Frack Does it Mean? Fracking for Shale Gas ...



Fracking may be a word that is vaguely familiar to you. This is more likely if you are a fan of Battlestar Galactica, where the … Read more »

Ten Great Energy Saving Products For The Home

Ten Great Energy Saving Products For The Home


If you’re looking to save on energy there are plenty of great products you can invest in. We all know about energy saving light bulbs … Read more »

What is the Green Deal? And How You Can Benefit

The green deal


If you’ve been keeping up with the news you’ve probably heard of the Green Deal already. But are you aware of the benefits of this … Read more »

Solar Cars and Solar Racing. The Future of Motor Sport?



Featured image courtesy of: There’s something about the words ‘solar racing’ that seem to unleash the Jeremy Clarkson in all of us. Think about … Read more »

10 Ways to Go Green and Save Money in 2013

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If your New Year’s Resolution focuses on going green, we’ve got some great suggestions for you to get started with. You’d be surprised how much … Read more »

How Does Solar Energy Impact the Environment?



Solar energy has a powerful impact on the world’s environment as well as having the potential to radically change how we get our power. Photovoltaic … Read more »

The Solar Installation Process Step by Step



Once you have decided on solar panels for your home, and you have been advised about the best position for these on your roof in … Read more »

Feed in Tariff

Feed in Tariff Feed in Tariffs were introduced by UK Government in 2010. The scheme compels energy suppliers to pay you for the electricity you produce via PV solar panels - and sees you paid extra for any electricity you export back to the grid.

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The Green Deal

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