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Rising Energy Bills: Can You Afford to Keep Warm?


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The idea of coming back to a warm home at the end of a long day cold day is something we all look forward too. And yet nowadays all many of us can think about is the cost of making this happen. Certainly, if you stay with the same energy company the whole time you are far less likely to get a good deal.

Some people are finding it particularly challenging to manage their energy bills. Pensioners are finding it exceptionally difficult, but anyone who is on a tight budget are really suffering as a result of high energy bills. Many people seem to be living in cold homes because they cannot afford to keep the heating on all the time.

How can you save money on your energy bills?

One good way to save money is to keep an eye on the main energy suppliers. Most of them offer good deals for new customers, and these can make it cost effective to switch from time to time.

Ensure you regularly compare energy prices from a range of suppliers and look out for different deals available, making a habit of doing this could save you a considerable amount of money over the year. You can also save money by getting more than one type of energy from the same supplier, usually called a multi-fuel discount. In addition you can get a further saving for paying by Direct Debit.

Of course you can also be more practical with energy without reducing the amount of heat you need to help make your home more comfortable. Switch off lights as you leave rooms and try and prevent heat from being lost in various ways if you can.

Are there green alternatives?

Yes there are – if you can generate your own energy through having renewable energy sources installed you can enjoy far lower energy bills. One of the best examples is solar panels, although other things such as heat pumps and wind turbines can also make a difference.

green home - energy alternativesIndeed this is the idea behind the government’s new Green Deal scheme. If your home is eligible you could receive upfront financial help to make your home more energy efficient. This means you could install solar panels or make other improvements to make your home more efficient. Consider the options carefully and make sure you would save money by going through with this scheme.

The idea is you repay the loan through your energy bill, and the savings you would make on energy would free up the additional cash needed to pay for the improvements.

The good news is there are several ways you can reduce your energy bills. The biggest change would be seen if you were to adopt all these methods at once. In this way you could reduce the charges for the energy you used as well as reducing the amount you were using in the first place.

Energy costs are not going to go any lower in the foreseeable future. In fact they are going to head in the opposite direction. So it makes sense to do everything we can to make our energy bills more affordable.

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