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Ten Great Energy Saving Products For The Home


If you’re looking to save on energy there are plenty of great products you can invest in. We all know about energy saving light bulbs but what else is there to purchase to reduce the energy you use (and lose)?

Energy Meter

energy meter

Find out how much energy you’re using and what your daily average use is with this gadget. Then you can see how much you’re doing to reduce it by taking appropriate measures.


Radiator Booster

Radiator Booster

This neat fan effectively grabs more heat from your radiator and sends it out into the room. Get more heat with less energy when you invest in these.


Draught Proof Letterbox

draught tproof letterbox

Letterboxes are renowned for letting draughts into the home. Ditch those draughts today with a draught proof letterbox that keeps all the heat where it should be – inside your home.


Chimney Balloon

chimney balloon

If you’ve got an open chimney you’ll know how much heat it sucks up and sends outside. You’ll also be familiar with the draughts it sends into the room. But by investing in one of these chimney balloons you’ll easily be able to keep the heat in.


Eco Kettle

Wahl Eco Kettle

Get out of the habit of filling the kettle to the brim and boiling more water than you need. The Eco Kettle allows you to fill it, but you then need to specify the amount of water you actually need. It transfers that water into a separate chamber and boils it for you to use, reducing energy use in the process.


Automatic Radiator Bleeder

radiator bleeder
Make life easier and forget about bleeding your radiators. This gadget does it for you, ensuring every radiator you attach one to will operate at maximum efficiency at all times.



eco button
Plug this into your USB port and it will prompt you to send your computer into standby mode. This means you won’t waste energy when you’re away from your desk, even if it’s only for five minutes. All those minutes add up to significant savings over time.


Gas Energy Saver

Gas Energy Saver

Make your gas hob even more efficient by using this Gas Energy Saver product. Waste less energy and make the gas you do use count whenever you’re cooking.

USB Rechargeable Batteries

USB Batteries

Whenever you’re using your computer, plug these rechargeable batteries into the USB ports to charge them without using any additional power.


2 Slice Eco Toaster

Kenwood Eco Toaster
If you only need one slice of toast, use this eco toaster to ensure you only use 50% of the energy a normal one would in the same situation.
Whatever you decide to invest in, you should find your chosen items will pay for themselves over time. When the price of energy keeps going up, it makes sense to do everything you can to send it back down again, don’t you think? Even if you only get one or two of these products you’ll notice a difference in how much energy you use.

What’s your favourite Eco gadget for the home?

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