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Top 3 Reasons Your Community Wants You to Use Solar Energy



Solar energy is a great form of renewable energy that can satisfy the energetic needs of your home and bring positive change to your community. While the choice of installing solar panels on your property is very much an individual choice because it is associated with a serious investment, your decision may affect your children, your neighbors and the whole community in a dramatic, positive way. Needless to say, it affects the entire country and even our planet since you choose the path of less carbon emissions, less air and soil pollutants and a green alternative to burning fossil fuel deposits that are being increasingly depleted on the Earth. Here are three solid reasons your community wants you to implement solar energy in your home.

Solar Energy Means A Cleaner Environment That Immediately Exerts A Positive Effect On Your Community

Your decision to use solar energy combined with the decision of other neighbors directly translates into a reduction of the operational capacity of the local power plant that burns coal, natural gas or petroleum derived products to produce electric energy. Since you are disconnected from the grid or your dependency on the grid is dramatically diminished, the local power plant will have no other choice than to diminish its output, which means less burned fuel and less gas emissions in the local air. Moreover, if your community will become increasingly aware of the importance of renewable energy, you local power plant may even stop its operation and close, and the energy may be imported from another distant location to preserve efficiency. Your decision to use solar energy combined with other similar decisions of other community members may increase the number of jobs in solar panel installation, local renewable energy development and raise awareness about renewable energy in your area, which creates a sort of a “chain chemical reaction” of positive environmental change in your community.

Harnessing The Energy Of The Sun May Bring More “Green Enthusiastic” Customers To Your Small Business

If you are a small business owner in your community, then the decision to invest in solar panels to cover your energy needs from a clean source may translate into an enhanced attractiveness of your business or place for “green” customers. Surprisingly, some customers are even willing to pay more for a product or service if they know that it is produced with a maximal usage of solar energy rather than traditionally generated power. A solar panel installed on a local restaurant, pub, auto service, repair shop or other business attracts environmentally conscious clients, which may translate into more revenues for you and more jobs for the community.

Solar Energy Usage Helps Raise Children Who Will Take Environment Protection Seriously

Last, but not least, the positive impact of solar energy implementation in your home on your children and the children of your neighbors and friends is something that should not be neglected. Even though you may not dramatically change the perceptions of older people, a “green” influence on children is a rewarding experience that makes the investment in solar energy well worth it.

The decision to use solar energy affects you and your community by stimulating “green” change, eliminating the dependency on fossil fuels, facilitating a cleaner local environment and contributing to a better “green” education for children.

Guest post by Natasha Risinger on behalf of Reliant Energy
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