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Triple Glazing – is it Worth Upgrading?



Most of us are familiar with double glazing and know it is more energy efficient to have two panes of glass in our windows than one. But does this mean triple glazing is even better? Let’s find out.

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A guide to triple glazing

This type of glazing simply means there are three panes of glass in the window instead of the normal two you would get with double glazing. All windows have a U value and the higher this value is the worse the window is at being energy efficient.

Double glazing has a lower value than single glazing, but as you can imagine when you add that third pane of glass, the U value goes even lower. Of course a lot depends on the quality of the window and the glazing used, but the best U value is generally around 0.65 for a window with three panes.

The benefits

Double glazing provides far better insulation than single glazing. It is an energy efficient way to upgrade single glazed windows. However the jump from double to triple glazed windows is nowhere near as large. You can still expect the temperature experienced when sitting beside the window to be better with three panes than with two, but it is only marginal.

Many people assume this form of modern glazing isn’t worth investing in because your energy bills will change very little upon having it present. This is true to an extent, but it is also true to say you will still notice how much warmer your house is, especially when standing or sitting near the windows.

Is it worth upgrading?

triple-glazingYou must consider a wide range of factors before thinking about whether to install this brand new glazing in your home. The prices for triple glazed units will be more than double glazing prices, so you have to bear this in mind. It may also depend on whether you currently have single or double glazing at present.

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Some people planning new build homes want the best of everything when constructing them, and in this case it might be prudent to add the three paned windows. Another option to consider is the Green Deal, which provides up to £10,000 in energy efficient home improvements to those homes that qualify for them. However this would be dependent on whether or not your home assessment pinpointed this form of glazing as the most effective type of improvement to have to reduce your energy bills.

As you can see there are lots of things to think about with this glazing. When you want to upgrade single to double glazing there is really no question of whether or not it is a smart decision. But you need to do a little more digging and number crunching to decide whether to opt for windows with that extra pane in them. It makes sense to assess all the options before you decide which ones your home – and therefore you – would benefit from more than anything else.

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