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What is the Green Deal? And How You Can Benefit


The green deal

If you’ve been keeping up with the news you’ve probably heard of the Green Deal already. But are you aware of the benefits of this scheme?

It’s no surprise that we’re hearing more about renewable energy nowadays. With energy prices heading ever higher, it makes perfect sense to look at any methods that will bring us cheaper energy. This is where the Green Deal comes

The Green Deal Scheme

The green deal scheme is open to homeowners, businesses and even landlords. It provides an opportunity to take advantage of green energy saving technology without having to find the cash to invest in it up front.

The Green Deal Scheme offers you the chance to have your home, business or property assessed to see how energy efficient it really is. This is done by a qualified assessor. They’ll create a report that shows you exactly how efficient it is, and which methods would offer the biggest energy savings.

It is this report that shows you how your home could be improved to save you energy. It also reveals how much you might expect to save on energy costs every month as a result of these changes. There is one Golden Rule that is applied in this situation. The only improvements that would be considered to go ahead would be those that offer bigger savings than you’d pay for to have the improvements installed.

Since you pay for the improvements via your electricity bill, you can see this means you wouldn’t be out of pocket. If your assessment reveals no improvements that would save you enough cash to pay for them on an ongoing basis, nothing would be done. However if one particular improvement would
save you money and cost less than that amount to pay for, you can go ahead and get it done.

The Green Deal Providers

There are many Green Deal providers who can ensure your improvements will go ahead. Regardless of whether you are thinking about the Green Deal in terms of your home, your business or even a rental property, you can see it is worth getting the initial survey done to see whether you could save significantly on your energy bills in the coming months and years.

Another major benefit is that any improvements that take place are tied to the property. This means that if you decide to move in the future, you won’t still be paying for the improvements. They will pass to the new owner, as will the regular payment for them. Remember, since the Green Deal only approves those changes that will save the home, property or business owner money, it provides another good point to promote when selling.

The Green Deal is still quite new at the moment. But in reality it holds great potential for many properties around the UK to beat the challenge of ever rising energy bills. Energy prices are not going to start going down, but we can at least start reducing ours with the help of the Green Deal scheme.

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